PLM & ERP: a complete suite

ERP systems enable companies to:

  • Plan and track the value chain
  • Manage inventory
  • Measure profitability
  • Provide a real-time picture of financial status

PLM is a business system that:

  • Controls the product record across all development stages-from concept to shelves
  • Manages product data and documentation including
    • innovation process
    • specifications
    • RFP
    • formulation
    • packaging and labeling
    • regulatory compliance
    • product and range portfolio
  • Enables tracking any changes to product information
  • Communicate revisions to the partners involved

The two systems are complementary and should communicate with each other. PLM assists in managing products and once final specifications are approved, the information is forwarded to the ERP system to allocate resources and implement a financial plan.

PLM & ERP complementarity

Efficiently running the two systems together will create:

  • Product and marketing innovation
  • Improve collaboration across the board
  • Bring about a shorter time to market
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Eliminate errors due to manual transfer of data between systems

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