Selecting a Business Partner


There are many factors to consider when selecting an implementation partner. The obvious ones are expertise, certification, track record.

But consider that this is potentially going to be a long term relationship. This puts a different slant on the decision and some not so obvious things to keep in mind:

  • Vision
  • Cultural fit. An implementation is, after all, a people business. And an SAP implementation could take years, with consultants and internal people working side by side for extended periods of time. The fit between them makes for a successful team. In order for consultants and internal people to work as one team, they need to share the same values and work culture. A highly collaborative implementation partner may not work well within a hierarchical client culture and vice versa. Chemistry between the team members also plays a part in customer experience and should be taken into account.
  • It is imperative the ERP partner you embrace is a long-term alliance. ERP partners must be vigilant and dedicated to your operation’s success down the road, not just for today.
  • Your ERP partner of choice will want your business managers to utilize your ERP solution to its fullest potential. With the integration of otherwise disparate systems and processes, ERP systems improve communication between all aspects of a business from customer service, to accounting, to human resources. ERP systems automate manual business tasks and processes to create a streamlined, cost-efficient organization that promotes productivity. For an ERP partner to be a true partner, they must have the expertise and interest to engage your managers – propagating a true company acceptance of a better way to do business.
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