E-Signature Solution for the Enterprise.


To save cost, time, and paper while

improving the signing experience.


In the past, documents and contracts were signed manually. This is a lengthy, laborious process that could take weeks to complete.

With the advancement of the technological era, systems are becoming automated and the use of electronic and digital signatures is becoming more commonplace.

Electronic signatures are legal, their use is described and governed by the Electronic
Communications and Transaction Act (ECTA) in South Africa, most countries have similar

Global Adoption of Electronic Signatures:

Signing electronically is becoming ever more commonplace, driven by the benefits of:


  • Reducing risks of misuse of physical or wet signature
  • ensuring documents are signed correctly
  • Improving the time to approve and conclude signed documents
  • Creating a better customer experience (500% Ombud, PDF)
  • Ability to sign from any location
  • Improved process controls, governance, compliance and audit
  • Ease of use for executives
  • Environmental concerns regarding excess use of paper

Electronic Signature

An electronic signature can be used for the majority of documents and contracts an
organisation is exposed to. Realyst signature uses two way authentication for electronic signatures.

Digital Signature

Digital signature is an electronic signature together with a certificate, issued by a CA (Certification Authority). This is defined as “ A digital code (generated and authenticated by public key
encryption) which is attached to an electronically transmitted document, to verify its contents and sender identity.” Digital certificates can be used to prove that a document has not been tampered with.

Advanced Digital Signature

This is a digital signature with user verification. Each users identity is required to be authenticated against the Home Affairs database. This includes biometric and ID verification.

All our signature solutions can be customized and white labeled. These are designed to be integrated into the organisations existing software, whether its Microsoft Office, Active Directory or a document management system. Our clients have a choice of which signature solution orcombination you wish to implement.

In addition, Realyst offers a contract lifecycle management application. This inludes contract drafting, central repository and document management, SLA management to reporting. Our CLM application is capable of managing any contract type. Integrating our two product sets offers our clients a seamless, automated process.


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