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Flexible business


X marks the spot for a powerful, simple-to-use and flexible business process solution to manage financials, distribution and manufacturing operations.


Sage X3 is perfect for medium sized businesses with 100 employees or more; smaller companies with complex business requirements; companies looking to scale domestic or international business’ at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical enterprise systems.


At Vizi, we understand that because your business needs are constantly changing, your management system also has to adapt.

Therefore you need a solution that is simpler, faster and highly scalable.

Some key features include:

• Share vendor records across geographies and subsidiaries to improve procurement processes and collaboration
• Increase your capacity to quickly accommodate complex order requirements from multiple customers
• Manage multi-currency, multi-languages and multi-country operations and expand your business
• Leverage in-built visual business processes and automated workflows for better control of your operations
• Get real-time alerts and notifications for any change in business conditions and reduce response time to handle exceptions
• Adopt best practices and make your employees efficient in their tasks with the in-built interactive graphical processes
• Fully customisable dashboards for specific roles with graphical views of key performance indicators to help users make faster and better-informed decisions
• Self-service business intelligence tool to perform detailed analysis and build compelling reports on the fly
• A familiar user interface designed to be accessed in standard, predictable ways using navigational structures
• Connect with your employees, partners, suppliers and customers online and on mobile devices to accelerate all business exchanges within and outside the company, locally and globally
• Access your complete company management data from any device, allowing your sales team to do business from anywhere
• Improve efficiency by reducing communication errors or the need to go to the office to access data
• Have real-time visibility into the status of all processes and alert your team member of process deviations

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