Monitor what you cannot see.


Take your surveillance, monitoring and company

to a whole new level.

How can you monitor what you cannot see? How can you prevent crime if you don’t know what you are looking for? With Vizi’s Facial Recognition Security Solutions, the guessing days are over.


Whether used in a public or retail space, you will have complete peace of mind that the IMC is aware of your surroundings and keeping you safe. The system provides accurate predictions and alerts when known suspects enter your premises – no matter the camera angle, lighting, hairstyle, glasses or facial expression.

The solution is well suited for public spaces, infrastructure sites, retail outlets, gambling establishments and more. Can also be used for access control, and time and attendance systems to track your employee’s hours, gain useful insights and build reports.

Key Features:
  • Identifies people regardless of their facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, age or angle.
  • Identifies people in a variety of background conditions.
  • A non-intrusive, contact-free process unlike other biometric systems.
  • Compatible with legacy database.
  • Works in street conditions.
  • Notifies you about recognised persons, identity matches and alerts in real-time.
  • Automatically synchronises with user database
  • Easily integrates with access control systems and existing systems.
  • Recognises algorithms powered by Cognotec SDK v 8.8 and VeriLook.



  • Detecting and reporting problems in real-time.
  • Sending emergency personnel to the scene of the crime or accident within seconds.
  • Tracking down offenders across multiple video surveillance cameras to aid arrests.
  • Preventing crimes, acts of terror, and accidents.
  • Managing crowds and security in public places such as stadiums, airports etc.
  • Access control and investigation

Stop thinking. Start working with VIZI.